What we do

PowerGen Renewable Energy solves energy challenges in East Africa and the rest of the Continent by leveraging renewable power generation sources like solar and wind.  The region possesses excellent renewable energy resources which have the power to allow homeowners, communities, and businesses to utilize clean, free energy and reduce the region’s dependence on fossil fuels.

PowerGen offers a range of products and services that enable customers in a variety of markets to take advantage of the renewable energy resources around them.  From a small home wind turbine system to an industrial-scale solar PV array, we offer a one-stop solution to energy challenges.

These challenges that need solving include:

  • Lack of grid access: more than 75% of East Africans do not have access to the electric grid
  • Inconsistent power and blackouts: central electric grids are strained in the region, causing frequent power interruptions
  • High cost of on-grid electricity: where the central electric grid does exist, costs are high
  • Generator costs: the cost of operating a diesel or petrol generator are high, in terms of both fuel and maintenance
  • Environmental impact of fossil fuels: East Africa is a region that is very susceptible to the negative effects of climate change, including drought


Where we work

PowerGen Renewable Energy is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. Our focus is on the East African region but we have the capacity to work throughout the Continent.

In addition to Kenya, we’ve installed projects in Uganda, Tanzania, and Zambia and supported projects in Somalia and South Sudan. Check out our projects page for a complete look at our installations.


Our history

PowerGen Renewable Energy initially began in early 2011 as a company called WindGen Power East Africa. WindGen manufactured small wind turbines from 200W to 1kW designed for use in East Africa. As WindGen matured, it became clear that there is a need for more than just innovative energy products in region: there is a need for energy solutions. Motivated by this realization, the founders of WindGen created PowerGen, a company whose mission is to leverage its regional experience and energy expertise to deliver turnkey energy solutions of all types.


Who we are



Alastair Smith worked in the wind energy industry in a variety of capacities and roles prior to co-founding PowerGen Renewable Energy. Alastair is a graduate of the Harvard School of Engineering. Alastair can be contacted at asmith@powergen-re.com.

Mark Wopicho, a graduate of Kenyatta University with a degree in Renewable Energy, has previous experience working for a Kenyan wind energy company and brings a deep knowledge of Kenyan renewable energy sector to the PowerGen team. Mark can be contacted at mwopicho@powergen-re.com.

Sam Slaughter worked with a solar energy company in Kenya prior to co-founding PowerGen. Sam also has experience in the energy industry working for the energy group at UBS Investment Bank, and is a graduate of the Harvard School of Engineering. Sam can be contacted at sslaughter@powergen-re.com.

Eve Meyer joined PowerGen in 2013 after working with Google in Mountain View, CA as well as for Teach for America in Oakland, CA. Eve holds degrees in Astronomy & Astrophysics and Physics from Harvard University. Eve can be contacted at emeyer@powergen-re.com.